Hacked Webcams = Best Amateur Sex Sneak Peeks

Chances are you have a webcam staring at you right now. It’s in the bezel of your notebook or sitting of to one side on your desk. It’s 2011, but people seem to remember not too long ago it was 1984. They’re cameras, hooked up to a computer, which is connected to the internet. It’s only a matter of time before they hack your ass and display it all over the web.

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But until they do, you can take advantage of other people’s misfortune. See, people keep their computers with them all the time, usually in the bedroom. So that means when they get down and dirty, they have a fucking camera pointed at themselves, and they just trust that no one is looking in.

Imagine their raw masturbation or fuck sessions, where there’s no inhibitions because they don’t think anyone is watching. You can get that on right now.

I mean we even have webcams in our mobile phones now…

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