Young Teen Couple Allison & Ryan

Ah young love, I’d give anything to go back and be in the situation this couple is in. Youthful and fully of energy, fucking all night because what kind of responsibilities could they possibly have?


Do yourself a favour and watch these vids. They’ll get you through the rainy nights we’ve been having here. And even if it’s sunny where you are stay indoors why risk getting too much vitamin D?

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Horny Emo Couple

Wonders never cease, here we have an unbathed unshaven couple and all they want to do is fuck on camera. What will the gods think of next?

Why aren’t more of these girls on cams? It’s insane to me, isn’t it 2011?

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Sexy Trailer Trash

Everyone knows about the upper, lower, and middle classes. Many times these separations are either unacknowledged or held up as the symbol of everything wrong with society.

If you looks close you can see the 1st 2nd and 3rd classes going from top to bottom, guess who got killed first.

Many times this is simplified to only upper and lower classes. This is usually made by people who are not part of the upper 1%, and though they sit on their ass and watch Celebrity Apprentice instead of actually doing anything with their lives, they personally believe that they’re being kept from that upper class by some vast conspiracy.

The truth is there are actually 5 class levels currently at work, the 3 listed above as well as the 2 special classes: upper middle class and lower middle class.

Would you hit that?

It’s that last class that we’re concerned with, because these lower middle class couples do a whole lot of fucking and don’t do a whole much else. It’s a bizarre combination of having enough wealth to be healthy, and yet having so little to lose that unprotected sex with many partners doesn’t seem to phase them.

Cliche’s are awesome, but all you need to do is get one of these minx’ to fuck you is to just be a little cleaner, and a little more calm than the trailer trash boys they’re used to. Insist on protection though, you don’t know where they’ve been.

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